[Zope-CMF] GenericSetup: remove columns from catalog.xml

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Tue May 15 12:52:39 EDT 2007

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On 15 May 2007, at 09:59, Maurits van Rees wrote:

> Hi,
> A while ago I proposed to add the possibility to say in GenericSetup's
> catalog.xml that an index should be removed.  This has been added to
> the code already.
> Now I propose to do the same for metadata columns.  So the following
> should remove the column from the catalog:
>  <column value="outdatedColumn" remove="True" />
> I do most of my testing on Plone 2.5, so we are talking GenericSetup
> branch 1.2 here.  The code below ought to do it.  I added test code
> for this.  And I added some comments to the test to clarify how the
> testing is done, as I find myself wondering about that every time I
> look at the current test code. :)
> If this diff is good, can someone commit it?  I have no rights.

The mailing list is a bad place for patches. Attempting to copy and  
paste from an email client may introduce problems, and with the  
amounts of email people get nowadays an issue like this is likely to  
flow by without getting any takes because people may be busy right  
now. I know I am.

Please file a collector issue in the CMF collector and attach your  
patches there.


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