[Zope-CMF] reindexObject updates modification time?

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Tue May 29 13:28:38 EDT 2007

Darryl Dixon - Winterhouse Consulting wrote at 2007-5-28 22:30 +1200:
> ....
>Which lends even more weight to my original query - why on earth
>does reindexObject() update the modification time?  I can see utterly no
>reason why it should...

When the object is changed, the modification time should be reset.

Now, there are many many ways to change an object.

The author of the above hack reasoned:

  When an object is changed then not only its modification time
  should be changed but the object should also be reindexed.
  Reindexation is only one place. Therefore, he implemented
  modification time update in the "reindexObject" method.

  Soon it became apparent that it is not good to change the
  modification time whenever "reindexObject" is called.
  Therefore, the change was limited to called of "reindexObject" with
  an empty set of indexes (i.e. all indexes should be updated).

I do not say that I like the reaoning or the current state.
But, at least, this is the historical cause.

The author has discussed the solution on "zope-cmf" and
nobody objected earnestly. That's why I know the reasons and the history.


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