[Zope-CMF] Re: GenericSetup and removed products

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Fri Sep 7 19:41:30 EDT 2007

Previously Tres Seaver wrote:
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> yuppie wrote:
> > Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> >> * on GS trunk I want to implement zcml-based import and export step
> >>   registration (I have a partial implementation but need to finish
> >>   that)
> > 
> > That means replacing the persistent local registries by a global 
> > registry, right?
> I'm not in favor of that, at least not without more discussion.  I *am*
> in favor of replacing any import-time or 'initialize'-time registrations
> which touch module globals with ZCML.
> The persistent steps registered within a site's profiles *can't* be done
> via startup-time setup:  they reflect state which may be *important*,
> even if a module doesn't import at a given startup.

Can you expand on that? I don't quite follow that reasoning.

At the moment the registration of profiles is a startup-time item.
Registration of steps can be done through API calls on the setup time
but is generally done through the properties tab in the ZMI. This
tab is very trigger-happy with registering steps and there is no way to
unregister a step once it has been registered. If the step registration
is an important part of the site state we have done an awful job
of managing that.

Since import steps are only run if their input/marker files are present
(I'm not aware of any exceptions to that rule - you have to have that
check with the current implementation) and export steps can only export
current state and not modify it I don't quite see why step registration
can not be a startup-time thing.


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