[Zope-CMF] Design approach questions: unique content-ish items?

Doyon, Jean-Francois jdoyon at NRCan.gc.ca
Mon Sep 17 15:35:22 EDT 2007

I know what you mean, but the problem is that just because it's FOR the
site as a whole doesn't mean you want it at the root.


Well the main example I can quote is a client that has breadcrumbs on
the site, and wants certain things to appear somewhere specific in the
navigation of the site.  Because the site search is for the whole site,
doesn't mean the client doesn't want it to look like it's somewhere in a
search folder for instance (maybe other search related things, like the
help, live in this folder too?).

Due to PT's and their nature, navigation tends to be somewhat automated,
so you use location to satisfy navigation.

I understand and agree with the fundamental principle of the root as the
place for site-wide utilities, but I have to balance that with some
real-life practical requirements too :)

If I want to be purist about it, what I might need is fake persistent
"proxy objects", or symlink-style objects, to satisfy those other needs
(the UI side) while still using the useful utility concept

Isn't the concept of something site-wide being at the root mostly
motivated because of acquisition though?  If you forget about
acquisition (using getUtility() means you're not using it), there's no
reason it HAS to be there, and forcing it there serves little to no
purpose (conceptually, though I understand why they have to be there now
in practice).

Anyways, now that I know how/why they are placeless and understand more
the challenges around them being placeful, I'll have to come up with
something else (either place them in the root and workarounds for
place/navigation, or no utilities at all).

Thanks all!

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Doyon, Jean-Francois wrote at 2007-9-17 15:10 -0400:
> ...
>But, its more generic purpose is essentially as a "utility" for the
site, at least conceptually.  The only difference might be that it's NOT

But "utilities for a site" have a natural location: the site root.

A "utility" you place deep inside the site are not "utilities for a
site" but "utilities for part of a site".


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