[Zope-CMF] Show/hide content from users/groups

roel roel.vandenbergh at scarlet.be
Tue Sep 18 06:16:38 EDT 2007

Hi all

We're currently in the process of migrating our (very) old Zope-CMF
installation from Zope 2.5.1 - CMF 1.3.1 to the most recent versions (Zope
2.10.4 CMF 2.1.0)

We did a clean install for both Zope & CMF, added the content files trough FTP
and modified the new page templates to our needs.

In the early days we could hide/show content based on the security settings of
folders and elevating user roles as needed. I copied these settings manually
from our old  installation to the new one, disabling 'Acquire permission
settings' for both 'Access contents information' and 'View', added a new role
'Level1', and checking 'Level1', 'Manager', 'Owner' & 'Reviewer' enabled. I
added a 'local role' for a user who has 'Member' privileges giving him
'Level1' clearance. All but one folder in the root of the CMF site have these
kind of security alterations.

I also removed 'Acquire permission settings' from 'index_html' and checking
all but 'Anonymous' to require a immediate login

When I try to log in with the credentials of that user, I always get
redirected to the login page. Only if I login with a user with 'Manager'
roles, the site is accessible.

I spend several days digging trough various information sources, but I could
not find a proper solution.

What am I missing here?

With kind regards, Roel.

Scarlet One, ADSL 6 Mbps + Telefonie, vanaf EUR 29,95...

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