[Zope-CMF] MembershipTool: Using traversal to look up the Members folder?

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Wed Oct 8 08:57:41 EDT 2008

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On Oct 8, 2008, at 13:36 , Raphael Ritz wrote:

> Hi,
> today I'm facing the situation where I want to support a Members  
> folder
> (rare these days) but this folder should be deeper down in the site
> (very rare; for me this is the first time ever).
> Currently, CMF(Default - and Plone for that matter) does not support
> this OOTB because CMFDefault's MembershipTool uses a simple getattr
> call for the 'membersfolder_id' on the site object.
> Changing this to use 'unrestrictedTraverse' instead resolves
> the problem including the possibility to specify the path (or
> relative content URL) to the folder in ZMI.
> It does break two tests, however, as the  DummySite's
> 'unrestrictedTraverse' used for testing isn't clever
> enough to deal with relative paths/URLs correctly.
> Now my question: Is this something CMFDefault should support?
> If so, I'm happy to file a ticket with a patch (and test;
> I don't have repository access).
> If not, I will simply keep on patching my local installation.
> Just thought I'll let you know. Opinions anyone?

Please keep in mind the true nature of CMFDefault: It's a sample  
application of the framework laid down in CMFCore. So IMHO _if_ this  
kind of configurable members folder location feature is added, it  
should be in CMFCore and thus available to CMFDefault.

As far as the feature itself is concerned, I've never seen a situation  
where this is useful or needed. So my vote as far as the CMF is  
concerned is +-0 because it's a "YAGNI" feature, You Ain't Going to  
Need It. I'd say the correct place would be a custom membership tool  
for your specific application that needs to support this use case.


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