[Zope-CMF] <genericsetup:upgradeDepends>

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Wed Oct 8 11:04:48 EDT 2008

Previously Rob Miller wrote:
> hi all,
> i've got a GenericSetup branch called 'ra-depends-tag' with a working 
> implementation of a <genericsetup:upgradeDepends> ZCML tag.  this tag can 
> be used anywhere that you could use a <genericsetup:upgradeStep> tag (i.e. 
> either standalone, or nested within a <genericsetup:upgradeSteps>).  in 
> fact, upgradeDepends is simply a special case of upgradeStep that allows 
> you to specify a set of profile import steps to be re-applied to the site, 
> rather than calling a generic python handler.
> here's an example of how it looks:
> <genericsetup:upgradeDepends
>     profile="Products.Something:default"
>     source="1.0"
>     destination="1.1"
>     sortkey="10"
>     title="Re-run 'foo' import step"
>     import_steps="foo"
>     purge="True"
>     run_deps="False"
>     />

I would like to see a simple extension: the ability to run one or more
steps from another profile. This can be very useful when you run
upgrades for a base profile which load (steps from a) profile from an
add-on package.


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