[Zope-CMF] MembershipTool: Using traversal to look up the Members folder?

Raphael Ritz r.ritz at biologie.hu-berlin.de
Wed Oct 8 11:55:31 EDT 2008

Jens Vagelpohl wrote:


> Please keep in mind the true nature of CMFDefault: It's a sample  
> application of the framework laid down in CMFCore. So IMHO _if_ this  
> kind of configurable members folder location feature is added, it  
> should be in CMFCore and thus available to CMFDefault.

That would be my thinking as well but seeing that the current
implementation in CMFCore is even less flexible (it looks for
a 'Members' object - hard-coded id - in the site root) and
that CMFDefault overrides this to allow configurability of
the object id at least I thought it would fit better there.
But I agree with you that should we consider this at all
CMFCore would be the more appropriate place to do it.

> As far as the feature itself is concerned, I've never seen a situation  
> where this is useful or needed. So my vote as far as the CMF is  
> concerned is +-0 because it's a "YAGNI" feature, You Ain't Going to  
> Need It.

Which is why I wrote the little intro in my original posting
and why I posted this here as a question instead of filing
a bug report right away.

> I'd say the correct place would be a custom membership tool  
> for your specific application that needs to support this use case.

Which is perfectly fine with me as I said before.


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