[Zope-CMF] CMFDefault 2.1.2-beta egg does not install

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Tue Sep 9 21:12:40 EDT 2008

Previously Maurits van Rees wrote:
> Wichert Akkerman, on 2008-09-08:
> > While working on plonenext I get an error when trying to install
> > the Products.CMFDefault egg. This is the buildout -vv output:
> (...)
> > While:
> >   Installing instance.
> >   Getting distribution for 'Products.CMFDefault'.
> > Error: Couldn't install: Products.CMFDefault 2.1.2-beta
> >
> >
> > Which is not very informative. Does anyone know what might cause this?
> Not very informative indeed.  bin/buildout -Nv in plonenext gives me
> this more informative output instead:
> While:
>   Installing instance.
> Error: There is a version conflict.
> We already have: Products.GenericSetup 1.4.1
> but Products.CMFActionIcons 2.1.2-beta requires 'Products.GenericSetup==1.3.3'.
> but Products.CMFCalendar 2.1.2-beta requires 'Products.GenericSetup==1.3.3'.
> but Products.CMFCore 2.1.2-beta requires 'Products.GenericSetup==1.3.3'.
> but Products.CMFDefault 2.1.2-beta requires 'Products.GenericSetup==1.3.3'.
> but Products.CMFTopic 2.1.2-beta requires 'Products.GenericSetup==1.3.3'.
> but Products.CMFUid 2.1.2-beta requires 'Products.GenericSetup==1.3.3'.
> but Products.DCWorkflow 2.1.2-beta requires 'Products.GenericSetup==1.3.3'.
> So the question is: why are those products depending on GS 1.3.3?  GS
> 1.4 has been out for a while.

Ah, I complained about that to Jens: he pinned the CMF eggs to an exact
version of GenericSetup, which makes them impossible to use for Plone
which requires a later version.

Can these please be changed to a minimum version requirement instead of
an exact pin?


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