[Zope-CMF] CMFDefault 2.1.2-beta egg does not install

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl
Thu Sep 11 13:59:47 EDT 2008

Maurits van Rees, on 2008-09-11:
> The tests *do* pass there, also the individual ones for CMFDefault and
> GS.  I don't see what the causes the difference.  With Zope 2.11.1 in
> that buildout instead of 2.10.6 the test results were the same.

Okay, I was using an old Zope 2.11.0 b1.  Using 2.11.1 fixes the
errors in CMFDefault.

GS still gives the same errors though.  But the instance seems a bit
confused and tries to load some products from the old Zope still, even
though it is a completely new instance.  I am puzzled.

Tests for all Products combined pass.

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