[Zope-CMF] CMFActionIcons vs. new-style actions

yuppie y.2008 at wcm-solutions.de
Thu Sep 18 10:04:39 EDT 2008

Hi Martin!

Martin Aspeli wrote:
> yuppie-4 wrote:
>> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
>>> Previously yuppie wrote:
>>>> I personally prefer to move all type info Actions to the actions tool. I 
>>>> can't see a need to specify separate 'view', 'edit' or 'metadata' 
>>>> Actions for each content type. That just makes it necessary to maintain 
>>>> a lot of redundant configuration data. In how many places did you have 
>>>> to set "string:${portal_url}/edit_icon.png"?
>>> Per-type edit and view actions are a very important customization point.
>>> We should not make it harder for people to do that. Per-type actions are
>>> very common in Plone, I'ld hate to loose them.
>> Can you point me to some examples? Looking at the default CMFPlone 
>> profile I couldn't find any. Repeated definitions for 'view', 'edit', 
>> 'download', 'external_edit', 'history' or 'references' Actions look 
>> quite redundant to me.
> I would be extremely uncomfortable with losing the ability to do:
>  - Per-type definition of *which* actions are shown in a given category


>  - Per-type definition of *what* those actions go to

As you mention below, method aliases can be used for that.

> I think there's a case for saying that there's always a 'view' and an 'edit'
> action that go to /view and /edit and you use method aliases to point them
> at different templates. However, we need the ability to change permissions,
> TALES conditions, labels and so on per-type.

How often do you need that ability? Can we make that a bit harder if we 
can get other benefits in return?

> Reducing repetition would be good, of course. We certainly have conventions
> that apply to most (but not all) types. If there was a way to make per-type
> actions optional as overrides/additional items (including the ability to
> turn off an action inherited from globals) that may be good.

The solution I have in mind is maintaining a simple set of Action IDs 
inside a type info property. All Actions are stored in one place, but 
availability is looked up in the type infos.

If you need a different edit action, you create a new one with a new ID. 
And add its ID to the type infos that should use it.



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