[Zope-CMF] actions tool import/export inconsistencies

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Wed Sep 24 17:00:20 EDT 2008

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An open Launchpad issue had me take a look at the import/export  
machinery for the actions tool and action providers (https://bugs.launchpad.net/zope-cmf/+bug/177675 
). I see some inconsistencies and would like to get rid of them.  
Here's the behavior I read out of the code:


  - _all_ action providers known to the actions tool are written to  
actions.xml as "action-provider" nodes

  - if an action provider contains "old-style" actions, those are  
exported as children of the corresponding "action-provider" node.  
Curiously, that action information export is marked "BBB: for CMF 1.6  


  - the "action-provider" nodes are added to the actions tool if they  
do not exist _and_ if their IDs happen to be 'portal_actions',  
'portal_types' or 'portal_workflow'. None of the other "action- 
provider" nodes are added.

  - if the "action-provider" node has children of type "action", their  
data is imported and recreated on the respective provider as "old- 
style" actions. This is also marked as "BBB: for CMF 1.6 profiles".

The main discrepancy is in the handling of action providers that are  
not 'portal_actions', 'portal_types' or 'portal_workflow'. Their data  
is exported, but they are not re-added to the actions tool during  
import. Also, the BBB note about "CMF 1.6 profiles" is confusing. That  
mechanism is still in use today, it hasn't been discarded after 1.6.

I would like to change the actions tool import/export code so it does  
the following:

  - all action-provider nodes from the export should be added to the  
actions tool during import if they are not already registered there.

  - the old-style action information data should not be handled  
centrally by the actions tool export/import, unless those actions are  
on the actions tool itself. All other providers should export/import  
their old-style actions themselves.

  - clarify the BBB comment


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