[Zope-CMF] actions tool import/export inconsistencies

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Thu Sep 25 05:24:29 EDT 2008

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On Sep 25, 2008, at 11:10 , yuppie wrote:
>> While you still can use the Action tabs, it is no longer recommended
> since CMF 2.0 and the export/import machinery moves Actions from those
> tabs to the recommended place.

Have we made any explicit announcement to that effect or warned  
people? I must have missed it if there was one. There's no  
DeprecationWarnings anywhere (yet). I've always been aware of the  
general direction to move away from old-style actions, but haven't  
seen any concrete communication to the community, especially the Plone  

>> The main discrepancy is in the handling of action providers that are
>> not 'portal_actions', 'portal_types' or 'portal_workflow'. Their data
>> is exported, but they are not re-added to the actions tool during
>> import. Also, the BBB note about "CMF 1.6 profiles" is confusing.  
>> That
>> mechanism is still in use today, it hasn't been discarded after 1.6.
> It might not have been the best idea to make implicit migrations on
> import. Anyway. We now are talking about CMF 2.2 and most people  
> should
> meanwhile have migrated their 'normal' Actions to portal_actions. So  
> I'm
> fine with removing the migration code.

I'll add a big warning on the Actions tab code so people see it when  
they go to the tab in the ZMI.

>>  - the old-style action information data should not be handled
>> centrally by the actions tool export/import, unless those actions are
>> on the actions tool itself. All other providers should export/import
>> their old-style actions themselves.
> +1 for making the handler of each tool responsible for its Actions
> But I propose to add deprecation warnings for 'normal' Actions (not  
> type
> Actions) stored in Actions tabs. People did have enough time to move
> those Actions to the Actions tool. And if 'normal' oldstyle Actions  
> are
> deprecated, we don't have to provide export/import support for them.

I'll try to find some good places for DeprecationWarnings in the  
ActionProviderBase class. Unfortunately, since there hasn't been any  
deprecation warning, we'll have to wait for a while to start removing  
code :-(


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