[Zope-CMF] [dev] .zexp imports and notifyWorkflowCreated

yuppie y.2009 at wcm-solutions.de
Wed Feb 18 07:04:50 EST 2009


Moving the notifyWorkflowCreated call from _finishConstruction to the 
IObjectAddedEvent subscriber changed the behavior of .zexp imports: The 
workflow state is now always reset to the initial state. AFAICT that's 
no useful behavior for imports.

This is caused by the fact that the notifyCreated method of WorkflowTool 
always resets the workflow states.

Is that a feature or a bug of notifyCreated? Is anybody using 
notifyCreated for resetting workflow states?

Where is the best place to fix this? Should IObjectAddedEvent be 
triggered on imports? Should the subscriber call notifyWorkflowCreated 
if the object already has a workflow history? Should 
notifyWorkflowCreated call WorkflowTool.notifyCreated if the object 
already has a workflow history? Should WorkflowTool.notifyCreated call 
notifyCreated of workflows that already have a state? Should 
notifyCreated of workflows keep existing states untouched?

AFAICS the easiest way to fix this is changing 
WorkflowTool.notifyCreated, making sure it only calls notifyCreated for 
workflows without a state in the workflow history.

Any objections or better ideas?



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