[Zope-CMF] Charsets

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Mon Jan 19 15:08:32 EST 2009

yuppie wrote at 2009-1-19 11:32 +0100:
>Charlie Clark wrote:
>> Am 18.01.2009 um 23:00 schrieb yuppie:
>> I agree that there shouldn't be implemented in a different way than  
>> for Zope 3. And if we can solve the problems by fixing form encoding  
>> I'm happy. Although I'd like to see UTF-8 always the first charset  
>> returned if * the quality is the same.
>zope.publisher.http.HTTPCharsets explicitly prefers utf-8. Are you sure 
>getPreferredCharsets()[0] is iso-8859-1 with your browser?

This might be true for the Zope 3 publisher
however, Zope 2 "HTTPResponse" uses "default_encoding" (configured
in "zope.conf") unless an encoding is prescribed by the response
content type -- and this has nothing to do with the "Accept-Charset"
request header.


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