[Digicool-CVS] CVS: CVSROOT - postcommit_actions:1.105

klm@cvs.baymountain.com klm@cvs.baymountain.com
Thu, 19 Jul 2001 15:08:25 -0400

Update of /cvs-repository/CVSROOT
In directory cvs.baymountain.com:/tmp/cvs-serv32489

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A few checkins, but some sans notices (the checkin notifications is
implemented by the code i'm changing, sometimes breaking:), all aiming

Put the user's full name (when available) in the From: header.  To do
so we had to switch over to using sendmail, futz with getting the
subject line at the top of the file, etc.  Sigh.

There's a problem on the server - sendmail's '-F' option isn't having
effect.  Once it does, this should work...

 [debug - name:CVSROOT, repo:CVSROOT, fn:postcommit_actions
====== Updated CVSROOT/postcommit_actions, 1.104 => 1.105 ======
     mf = open(msgfilenm, 'w')
     mf.write("Subject: %s\nTo: %s\n\n%s %s"
-             % (subject, addrs, oldcontents, diff_msg))
+             % (subject, string.join(addrs, ","), oldcontents, diff_msg))
     cmd = cmd + "< %s" % msgfilenm