[Digicool-CVS] CVS: CVSROOT - postcommit_actions:1.84

Ken Manheimer klm@serenade.digicool.com
Wed, 7 Mar 2001 14:53:02 -0500

Update of /cvs-repository/CVSROOT
In directory serenade:/projects/users/klm/Operations/CVSROOT

Modified Files:
Log Message:
do_mail(): Switching back to /bin/mail operation instead of direct
connection to smtp server, because:

  - The mail system takes care of properly identifying the committer -
    jens code just identified the sender as a generic user, unsuitable
    for our checkins (we should be attributing credit where credit is

  - Direct connection to smtp server was holding the send and sync
    process during the mail transaction with the remote server.
    Though this is all happening in the background, it's much
    preferable to have the mail system queue the message so we can
    forget about it, rather than wait.

handle_failures(): using getpass.getuser() routine to identify the
user, intended for that purpose.