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Added CHANGES.txt and updated version.txt.

=== Added File Products/CookieCrumbler/CHANGES.txt ===

Version 0.4

- CookieCrumblers in nested folders are now possible.  You can just drop
  in a cookie crumbler anywhere to change the login form for that area of
  the site.  In fact, now you don't have to create a user folder just
  to change the login process.

- There is now a workaround for the problem with cookies being set even
  though the user entered an incorrect password.  RESPONSE.unauthorized()
  now cancels the cookie response header.  The new login_form and
  logged_in form both try to invoke unauthorized(), so make sure you
  install the new forms.

=== Products/CookieCrumbler/version.txt => 1.2 ===