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Temporary Folders


    Temporary Folders are Folders which are created out of memory, in such
    the same way as a RAM disk, for example, which have their contents
    lost upon shutdown.  To facilitate use of Temporary Folders, they have a
    mechanism whereby they automatically populate themselves upon startup.


    Creating a Temporary Folder is fairly straightforward; one creates them
    as you would a regular Folder; through the Zope management interface:

      - Specify an id (a name) for the folder

      - Specify an optional title for the folder

    Once created and mounted, Temporary Folders are regular Folder objects.
    Mounting of the Temporary Folder happens automatically the first time
    it is accessed.


    Temporary Folders will populate themselves with exported objects based
    on a directory in Zope's var directory.  A directory named from the object
    with 'Imports' appended to it is examined for files ending with the
    extension '.zexp'.  Thus, a Temporary Folder named 'tempFolder' would
    have the directory 'var/tempFolderImports' scanned for .zexp files.

    The Zope administrator may copy exported files from Zope's var directory
    into the Temporary Folder's Imports directory to have those items added
    to the Temporary Folder then the Folder is mounted.

    *N.B.* Because only the name (the ID) of the Temporary Folder is considered
    for importing objects, two Temporary Folders with the same name will
    be automatically populated with the same items, although each will receive
    a private copy of those items.

  Interaction with ZEO

    Temporary Folders exist local to the Zope server; thus, each server in
    a ZEO cluster would have their own private copy of data in a Temporary
    Folder.  Only temporary data that should be local to a specific Zope
    instance should go in the Temporary Folder.  Items which need to be
    shared between Zope servers should not be placed in Temporary Folders.