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TransientObjectContainer - Add

  Transient Object Containers

     A TransientObjectContainer contains objects which will expire after
     a given period of time.  A TransientObjectContainer is used by 
     SessionDataMangers to store session information.

  To create a TransientObjectContainer, specify the following:

     - **id**

       The ID of the TransientObjectContainer is the container's name.

     - *title* 

       The title of the object.

     - **timeout_minutes**

       The minimum number of minutes that objects in the container will
       persist for.  Objects in the container are passively deleted, so
       they may not be deleted exactly after timeout_minutes elapses.

     - *addNotification*

       The name of an object to receive notifications when objects are
       added to the TransientObjectContainer.  See NotificationTargets.

     - *delNotification*

       The name of an object to receive notifications when objects are
       deleted from the TransientObjectContainer.  See NotificationTargets.

  Notification Targets

        A NotificationTarget is a callable (a bound method, function, or
	named Zope object) which is called when an object is added or removed
	from a TransientObjectContainer. 

	NotificationTargets are called with two arguments, the first being
	the item being added or removed from the container, and the second
	being the container itself.  Within Zope, the container will be
	acquisition wrapped, allowing the container to be used as a context
	to reference other Zope objects.

  See Also

     - "Transient Objects":Transience.stx

     - "Transience API":TransienceInterfaces.py