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=== Products/DCOracle2/CHANGELOG 1.34 => 1.35 ===
 	        binaries for different platforms in the "binaries" directory.
-Release 1	September 21, 2001
+Release 1	October 5, 2001
 	     o  Added name-awareness to ZOracleDA so it will work as either
 	     	ZOracleDA or DCO2 for co-existence with DCOracle
 	     o  Set prefetch for all statements, default 200 rows & 1MB storage
@@ -162,6 +162,8 @@
 	     o  Added isOpen() methods to DCOracle2 Connection and Cursor
 	        objects (which check internal state only, not the actual
 		database availablility)
+	     o  Changed ZOracleDA to promote OracleDate objects to DateTime
+	        objects in Zope (based on string representation).
 Desired Features Not Yet Implemented: