[Zope-CVS] CVS: ZopeProducts/RotterdamSprint - XmlObjectView.py:1.1 configure.zcml:1.5

Stephan Richter stephan.richter@tufts.edu
Wed, 04 Dec 2002 12:15:34 -0500

On Wednesday 04 December 2002 10:59, Paul Everitt wrote:
> With the current approach, we can style the data with CSS directly.  
> The RDF isn't directly usable by regular XML parsers that don't
> understand RDF semantics.

Right, that is the probelm with RDF. I did not know it was easy to just 
display an XML tree using CSS these days. I guess I am a little out of 
phase... ;-)

> Perhaps I'm wrong, though.  Can you give an example of how this would
> work in a non-RDF, xml-only environment?

no. :-) You made a good point. :-)

Can you give me the URL where I can see the formatted XML tree? 

PS: I want to revive the XUL interface again, no that we have a stable 
Mozilla? I guess I will just print the book... :-)

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