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Added online help for ZCTextIndex and Lexicon add forms

=== Added File Products/ZCTextIndex/help/Lexicon_Add.stx ===
ZCTextIndex Lexicon - Add: Create a new ZCTextIndex Lexicon

        This view allows you to create a new ZCTextIndex Lexicon object.
        ZCTextIndex Lexicons store the words indexed by ZCTextIndexes in a
        'Id' -- Allows you to specify the id of the ZCTextIndex Lexicon.
        'Title' -- Allows you to specify the title of the ZCTextIndex Lexicon.
        Pipeline Stages

            The remaining controls allow you to select the desired processing
            of text to index by selecting pipeline stages.

            The default available stages are:

            - **Word Splitter** This is the only mandatory stage. The word
              splitter breaks the text up into a list of words. Included is a
              simple whitespace splitter, and a splitter that removes HTML
              tags. The HTML aware splitter gives best results when all of
              the incoming content to index is HTML.

            - **Stop Words** To conserve space in the vocabulary, and possibly increase
              performance, you can select a stop word remover which subtracts
              very common or single letter words from the Lexicon. Bear in
              mind that you will not be able to search on removed stop words,
              and they will also be removed from queries passed to search
              ZCTextIndexes using the Lexicon.

            - **Case Normalizer** The case normalizer removes case information from the words in
              the  Lexicon. If case-sensitive searching is desires, then omit
              this element from the pipeline.

=== Added File Products/ZCTextIndex/help/ZCTextIndex_Add.stx ===
ZCTextIndex  Add: Create a new ZCTextIndex

        A ZCTextIndex is an index for performing full text searches over
        bodies of text. It includes the following features:
        - Boolean query operators with parenthetical grouping
        - Globbing (partial word) and phrase matching
        - Two selectable relevance scoring algorithms
        ZCTextIndex is designed as a replacement for standard TextIndex, and
        has several advantages over it.
        'Id' -- The id of the ZCTextIndex, must be unique for this ZCatalog.
        'Field Name' -- The name of the field (object attribute) to be indexed.
        'Ranking Strategy'
        - **Okapi BM25 Rank** A relevance scoring technique that seems to
          work well when the document text is considerably longer than the
          query string, which is often the case with user specified query

        - **Cosine Measure** A relevance scoring technique derived from the
          "*Managing Gigabytes*":http://www.cs.mu.oz.au/mg/ book. It seems
          to work best when the queries are similar in size and content to
          the text they are searching.
        'Lexicon' -- The ZCTextIndex Lexicon to be used by this ZCTextIndex.
                     Lexicons process and store the words from the text and
                     help in processing queries. You must define a ZCTextIndex
                     Lexicon before you can create a ZCTextIndex. Several
                     ZCTextIndexes can share the same Lexicon if desired.