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=== Packages/JobBoardEx/Tutorial.html 1.10 => 1.11 ===
-<h2>Building applications with Zope3</h2>
+<h2>Building Applications with Zope3</h2>
 <p>One way to look at Zope in this case is as the controller of a
 state machine.  Your system will move through various states based on
@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@
 <p>Note that there is no awareness of display in either the IJob
 interface or the Job class.
-<h4>The Job class</h4>
+<h4>The Job Class</h4>
 <p>Because we want it to be automatically stored in the Zope database,
 the Job class is inherited from Persistent.  In addition, it is marked
@@ -127,19 +127,39 @@
 the arguments, and puts the object in the PendingApproval state.  The
 approve() method changes the state to Approved.
-<h4>The JobView class</h4>
+<h4>The JobView Page Template</h4>
-<p><b>XXX this class no longer exists!  From here on the tutorial is
-fiction.  I'm planning to fix it though, but I've got to go first.</b>
+<p>JobView tells Zope how to display a Job.  Because this is a rather
+straightforward view, we don't have to write any Python code: instead,
+it is coded as a page template.  This is an HTML-like file with
+embedded directives in the form of attributes that cause substitutions
+to happen.  More about page templates later.
+<p>The view is attached to the Job class by means of a single
+statement in the configuration file:
+&lt;browser:view name="index.html"
+              for=".IJob."
+              template="JobView.pt"
+              permission="Zope.Public" 
+              />
+<p>This tells Zope that there is a view named index.html which applies
+to instances of the IJob interface, implemented by the page template
+JobView.pt, and requiring the permission Zope.Public (a fancy way to
+say that anyone can view the job; more about permissions later).
+<p>Another statement in the configuration file tells Zope that this is
+the default view:
+&lt;browser:defaultView for=".IJob." name="index.html" />
-<p>JobView tells Zope how to display a Job.  JobView inherits
-AttributePublisher, which is the big clue that this is a view class,
-since that base class is only associated with view classes.  The
-AttributePublisher class includes an
-<pre> __implements__ = IBrowserPublisher </pre>
+<b>XXX The rest is not ready yet</b>