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=== Packages/JobBoardI18n/Tutorial.html 1.2 => 1.3 ===
 administrator may also delete existing jobs from the list.
+<p>For those who grasp information better visually, here's a helpful
+<a href="browser_views.png">diagram</a> contributed by Steve
 <p>This example was created at the March 19-21, 2002 Sprint at the
 PythonLabs offices in McLean, VA, lead by Jim Fulton and including
 Guido van Rossum, Jeremy Hylton, Tim Peters, Fred Drake, Barry Warsaw,
@@ -30,11 +34,12 @@
 New York City.  Most of the example code was recreated nearly from
 scratch, to match significant improvements in the Zope3 API, by Jim
 Fulton and Guido van Rossum in the afternoon of June 12, 2002.  Jim,
-Guido and Steve Alexander made subsequent changes.  This tutorial was
-improved by Ken Manheimer and Guido van Rossum around the same time.
-This document is placed in the public domain so that others may freely
-improve upon it, but if you do so please submit the result back to
-Zope Labs.
+Guido and Steve Alexander made subsequent changes to the code.  This
+tutorial was somewhat improved by Ken Manheimer around the same time,
+and subsequently overhauled to match the new implementation by Guido
+van Rossum, with additional bits by Steve.  This document is placed in
+the public domain so that others may freely improve upon it, but if
+you do so please submit the result back to Zope Labs.
 <h2>Building Applications with Zope3</h2>