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Fri, 3 May 2002 14:58:09 -0400

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Add further comment explaining why IIBTrees are a more efficient
in-memory representation than dictionaries.

=== Products/ZCTextIndex/Index.py => ===
         # IIBTree with 10 elts, and 10 happens to be 2/3s of 2**4.  So
         # choose 10 as the cutoff for now.
+        # The IIBTree has a smaller in-memory representation than a
+        # dictionary, so pickle size isn't the only consideration when
+        # choosing the threshold.  The pickle of a 500-elt dict is 92%
+        # of the size of the same IIBTree, but the dict uses more
+        # space when it is live in memory.  An IIBTree stores two C
+        # arrays of ints, one for the keys and one for the values.  It
+        # holds upto 120 key-value pairs in a single bucket.
             map = self._wordinfo[wid]
         except KeyError: