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Shane Hathaway shane@zope.com
Tue, 15 Oct 2002 13:49:20 -0400

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Added the DBTab product to cvs.zope.org.  This product lets you manage
ZODB storages and databases, including mounted databases, similarly to


Vendor Tag:	ZC
Release Tags:	DBTab-1_0-beta2
N Products/DBTab/ClassFactories.py
N Products/DBTab/StorageTypes.py
N Products/DBTab/version.txt
N Products/DBTab/Exceptions.py
N Products/DBTab/.cvsignore
N Products/DBTab/DBTab.py
N Products/DBTab/MountedObject.py
N Products/DBTab/Mount.py
N Products/DBTab/dbtab.conf.in
N Products/DBTab/custom_zodb.py
N Products/DBTab/MainConfiguration.py
N Products/DBTab/__init__.py
N Products/DBTab/README.txt
N Products/DBTab/www/mountfail.pt
N Products/DBTab/www/addMountsForm.pt

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