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=== PythonNet/doc/Changes.txt 1.3 => 1.4 ===
--- PythonNet/doc/Changes.txt:1.3	Fri Aug  1 10:30:11 2003
+++ PythonNet/doc/Changes.txt	Fri Aug  8 23:29:50 2003
@@ -6,7 +6,15 @@
     - Added a Mono makefile. Thanks to Camilo Uribe for help in testing and 
-      working out problems on Mono.
+      working out problems on Mono. Note that it not currently possible to 
+      build PythonNet using mono, due to the use of some IL attributes that 
+      the mono assembler / disassembler doesn't support yet.
+    - Preliminary tests show that PythonNet *does* actually run under mono,
+      though the test suite bombs out before the end with an "out of memory" 
+      error from the mono runtime. It's just a guess at this point, but I 
+      suspect there may be a limited pool for allocating certain reflection
+      structures, and Python uses the reflection infrastructure quite heavily.
     - Removed decoys like the non-working embedding APIs; lots of internal
@@ -17,10 +25,19 @@
     - Implemented sequence protocol support for managed arrays.
     - Implemented basic thread state management; calls to managed methods
-      no longer block Python.
+      no longer block Python. I won't go so far as to say the thread 
+      choreography is "finished", as I don't have a comprehensive set of 
+      tests to back that up yet (and it will take some work to write a 
+      sufficiently large and evil set of tests).
+    - Fixed a bug that caused conversions of managed strings to PyUnicode to 
+      produce mangled values in certain situations.
+    - Fixed a number of problems related to subclassing a managed class, 
+      including the fact that it didn't work :)
-    - Fixed a truly dumb bug that caused conversions of managed strings
-      to PyUnicode to produce mangled values.
+    - Fixed all of the bugs that were causing tests to fail. This release 
+      contains all new bugs and new failing tests. Progress! :)
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