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+* AdaptableStorage Quick Start *
+The following steps help you get started with AdaptableStorage quickly.
+See doc.txt for more information.
+1. Check your Zope version.  You need at least Zope 2.6.0, but a later
+version is recommended.
+2. Add the AdaptableStorage product to Zope by placing it in the
+Products directory.  If you're using an INSTANCE_HOME setup, place it
+with your other add-on products.
+3. Install version 1.0.2 or later of the DBTab product.  After adding
+the product to Zope, set up custom_zodb.py.  If you're using Unix,
+make a symlink:
+  cd <zope_root>
+  ln -s lib/python/Products/DBTab/custom_zodb.py
+If you're using Windows, make a copy instead.  If you're using an
+INSTANCE_HOME setup, adjust the path to custom_zodb.py accordingly.
+4. Copy the sample dbtab.conf from the AdaptableStorage product to
+your INSTANCE_HOME or the root of your Zope site.
+5. Start Zope.  If Zope refuses to start because "no root database is
+configured", make sure dbtab.conf is in the right place and try again.
+6. Visit the Zope management interface.  Select "DBTab Mount Point"
+from the "add" drop-down.  The checkbox next to "/fs" should be
+enabled.  Click the "Create selected mount points" button.
+7. Visit the new folder /fs and add things to it.  Objects added to
+/fs get stored in the filesystem directory <zope>/var/mnt/fs.  You can
+also add files to <zope>/var/mnt/fs and see them appear in Zope.
+8. To speed up access to /fs, enable the ZODB cache by setting the
+cache size in dbtab.conf to 4000 objects.  The sample dbtab.conf sets
+it to 0, which effectively clears the cache after each request to
+Zope.  With the cache enabled, access to /fs is just as fast as access
+to other Zope objects, but changes made on the filesystem won't be
+reflected immediately in Zope.

=== Added File Products/AdaptableStorage/dbtab.conf ===
# A sample dbtab.conf for getting started with AdaptableStorage.

[Storage: Main]

[Database: Main]

[Storage: FS]

[Database: FS]

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