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=== Added File Packages/Moztop/doc/CHANGES.txt ===

0.3 (Not released)

  o (-) Add item to server

  o (-) Tabs on content panel (preview, properties, etc.)

0.2 (Not released)

  o (-) Fetch site data RDF from a server URL

0.1 (Not released)

  o (-) Refresh button

  o (-) Activate reload datasources button

  o (-) Get a skins dir

  o (*) Add this CHANGES.txt file

  o (-) Welcome screen (that disappears after first use)

  o (-) Put in new graphic from Gus

Blue Sky

  o (-) Tabs for open content items

  o (-) List of known and addable types

  o (-) Consolidate Sites and Explorer

  o (-) Alternate layout for top box

  o (-) Get initial site set (pref, etc.)

  o (-) Wire in XML-RPC on connect

  o (-) JAR file building in the Makefile

  o (-) Search box

  o (-) Recent items

  o (-) Thousand-items-in-a-folder problem

  o (-) Help system

  o (-) Browser tab

  o (-) Smart editor