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=== Added File PythonNet/doc/Changes.txt ===
PythonNet Changes

  PythonNet Preview 2

    - Added a Mono makefile. Thanks to Camilo Uribe for help in testing and 
      working out problems on Mono.

    - Removed decoys like the non-working embedding APIs; lots of 
      internal refactoring.

    - Implement indexer support.

    - Implemented basic thread state management.

  PythonNet Preview 1

    - Initial (mostly) working experimental release.

=== Added File PythonNet/doc/ToDo.txt ===
ToDo List:

  - Pester Guido about letting exceptions be new-style classe that 
    don't have to subclass Python's Exception class :)

  - Implement thread state management

  - Support async delegates (depends on thread state mgmt)

  - Implement basic embedding APIs

  - Method overload selection / propagate exceptions correctly

  - Finish implementing custom metatypes for arrays, etc.

  - Finish events / tests

  - Implement indexers

  - Documentation

  - Figure out the malloc / gc bug

  - Look at optimizing some type conversions

  - Refactor thunk generation


  - Implement class wrappers to allow Python code to implement interfaces
    and abstract .NET classes

=== Removed File PythonNet/doc/FAQ.txt ===