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 when your user folder does not support cookies.  Zope 2.3.x or
 above is required.
-Just add a CookieCrumbler instance to the folder where your
-acl_users is located.  You can optionally add the login_form,
-logged_in, and logged_out DTMLMethods at the same time.
+To install: With Zope stopped, decompress the downloaded .tar.gz file
+on your hard drive.  Place the CookieCrumbler directory in Zope's
+Products directory.  Start Zope.  Using your brower, visit the
+management interface.  Using the 'add' drop-down, add a CookieCrumbler
+instance to your root folder.  (You may add it elsewhere if you want
+to use cookie authentication only in a part of your site.)
 If you ever have problems logging in because the CookieCrumbler is
 getting in the way, add '?disable_cookie_login__=1' to the end of
 the URL and you'll be able to use HTTP authentication again.
+If CookieCrumbler gets in the way of WebDAV interactions, use a WebDAV
+source port (see the Zope documentation.)