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=== Packages/zpkgtools/doc/metadata.txt 1.9 => 1.10 ===
--- Packages/zpkgtools/doc/metadata.txt:1.9	Wed Apr  7 23:51:34 2004
+++ Packages/zpkgtools/doc/metadata.txt	Mon Apr 19 11:15:06 2004
@@ -27,9 +27,14 @@
   what the distribution contains, while dependencies serve as
   constraints on any software included in the distribution.
   List of inclusions (and exclusions) that are added/removed from the
-  distribution as it's constructed.
+  distribution as it's constructed.  This file can contain two
+  distinct sections; the <distribution> section is used to include
+  files in the distribution root, and the <collection> section is used
+  to include files in the component itself (even if the component
+  isn't a collection; this name is used since it usually will be a
+  collection).
   This file contains information on building extension modules.

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