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=== StandaloneZConfig/README.txt 1.6 => 1.7 ===
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-This is ZConfig.
+                 This CVS module is now deprecated.
-ZConfig is a configuration library intended for general use.  It
-supports a hierarchical schema-driven configuration model that allows
-a schema to specify data conversion routines written in Python.
-ZConfig's model is very different from the model supported by the
-ConfigParser module found in Python's standard library, and is more
-suitable to configuration-intensive applications.
-ZConfig schema are written in an XML-based language and are able to
-"import" schema components provided by Python packages.  Since
-components are able to bind to conversion functions provided by Python
-code in the package (or elsewhere), configuration objects can be
-arbitrarily complex, with values that have been verified against
-arbitrary constraints.  This makes it easy for applications to
-separate configuration support from configuration loading even with
-configuration data being defined and consumed by a wide range of
-separate packages.
-ZConfig is licensed under the Zope Public License, version 2.0.  See
-the file LICENSE.txt in the distribution for the full license text.
-Reference documentation is available in the ZConfig/doc/ directory.
-Information on the latest released version of the ZConfig package is
-available at
-  http://www.zope.org/Members/fdrake/zconfig/
-You may either create an RPM and install this, or install directly from
-the source distribution.
-Creating RPMS:
-  python setup.py bdist_rpm
-  If you need to force the Python interpreter to, for example, python2:
-    python2 setup.py bdist_rpm --python=python2
-Installation from the source distribution:
-    python setup.py install
-  To install to a user's home-dir:
-    python setup.py install --home=<dir>
-  To install to another prefix (eg. /usr/local)
-    python setup.py install --prefix=/usr/local
-  If you need to force the python interpreter to eg. python2:
-    python2 setup.py install
-  For more information please refer to
-    http://www.python.org/doc/current/inst/inst.html
+The ZConfig distributions starting with version 2.2 will be generated
+directly from the Python package using the zpkg tool.

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