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- document the -v option
- explain how version numbers are extracted from revision tags

=== Packages/zpkgtools/doc/zpkg.txt 1.3 => 1.4 ===
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@@ -36,7 +36,9 @@
 -r TAG, --revision-tag=TAG
   Generate the distribution using the CVS tag `TAG` instead of the
-  ``HEAD`` tag.
+  ``HEAD`` tag.  The revision tag is used to generate the release
+  version if that's not specified directly and the tag follows the
+  Zope Corporation tagging convention (see below).
   Include required support packages in the distribution.  This is the
@@ -48,6 +50,9 @@
   ``setuptools`` and ``zpkgtools`` packages are known to be available
   on target systems.
+  Set the version number of the release to `VERSION`.
 If neither **-C** nor **-f** is specified on the command line, a
 default configuration file is loaded if it exists.  This is
 `~/.zpkg/zpkg.conf` on Unix and `~/zpkg/zpkg.conf` on Windows (note
@@ -130,6 +135,51 @@
 .. _ZConfig: http://www.zope.org/Members/fdrake/zconfig/
+Zope Corporation Tagging Convention
+When **zpkg** is passed a **-r**/**--revision-tag** option but not a
+**-v** option to explicitly set a version for the release, it will
+attempt to generate a version number from the revision tag.  For this
+to be successful, the revision tag must follow a convention used
+within Zope Corporation.
+Release tags which follow this convention all have the form::
+  *name*-*encoded-version*
+where *name* is the name of the package being released and
+*encoded-version* is the result of a simple transformation of the
+version number.  **zpkg** doesn't ever care about the name used in the
+tag, only about the version information.  It is significant that the
+version information follows the last hyphen in the tag name; it *must*
+be the last part of the tag.  The encoded version is the version
+number with all periods replaced by underscore characters; it may
+prove that the replacement isn't necessary when working with
+Subversion, though it is required for CVS.  The version number must
+conform to a pattern of two to four numbers separated by periods,
+optionally followed by one or more letters, which in turn may be
+optionally followed by another number.  Reasonable examples include
+``1.0``, ``0.1``, ``1.1.42``, ````, ``1.0a``, ``1.0a1``, and
+For example, for the package ``mypkg``, the following tags correspond
+to the following version numbers:
+==================  ============
+Tag                 Version
+==================  ============
+mypkg-1_0           1.0
+mypkg-0_1           0.1
+mypkg-1_1_42        1.1.42
+mypkg-1_0a          1.0a
+mypkg-1_0a1         1.0a1
+==================  ============
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