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Wed Jan 7 15:18:15 EST 2004

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=== Packages/SFTPGateway/doc/README.txt 1.12 => 1.13 ===
--- Packages/SFTPGateway/doc/README.txt:1.12	Tue Dec 23 15:39:47 2003
+++ Packages/SFTPGateway/doc/README.txt	Wed Jan  7 15:18:14 2004
@@ -276,12 +276,5 @@
 The following tasks are known to be needed, but have not yet been
-- Logging should be more configurable.  Fred Drake and Barry Warsaw
-  have discussed a reusable way to configure logging in Zope
-  applications so that it will correlate well with the logging
-  configuration in Zope.
-- Need to be able to start as root, bind to port 22 (or other
-  low-numbered port), then drop priviledges before starting logging.
-- Need to write the "ctl" script to run the gateway.
+- Need to test re-opening the log files in response to a signal from
+  sftpgatewayctl.

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