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=== Packages/WinBuilders/README.txt 1.3 => 1.4 ===
--- Packages/WinBuilders/README.txt:1.3	Fri Oct  3 11:53:58 2003
+++ Packages/WinBuilders/README.txt	Thu Jan 29 18:55:48 2004
@@ -1,7 +1,8 @@
 Quick instructions:
 The installers have only been tested under Windows 2K, but should work
-without incident on XP.
+without incident on XP.  It "almost works" on Win98SE (see bottom of
+file for discussion).
 Install Cygwin from cygwin.org (the default installation should give
 you everything you need).
@@ -10,12 +11,15 @@
 Install InnoSetup 4.0 from www.jrsofware.org (into its default location).
 4.0.4-beta seems to work, while 4.0.7 does not.  Symptom: type error
-on compilation.
+on compilation.  4.0.11 appears to work.
 Unpack this package into a directory.
 Launch a Cygwin bash shell.  If necessary, run the VCVARS.bat to set up
-the VC++ environment.
+the VC++ environment.  This shouldn't be necessary on Win2K, provided
+you've brought up the GUI at least once (MSDev doesn't finish writing
+all the registry keys it should until the GUI is first launched).  See
+below for Win98SE.
 If you're building Zope against Python 2.3.X, you may need to add some
 registry entries due to a bug in the distutils msvccompiler.py:
@@ -25,7 +29,8 @@
 "library dirs"="C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Visual Studio\\VC98\\mfc\\lib;C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Visual Studio\\VC98\\lib"
 "include dirs"="C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Visual Studio\\VC98\\atl\\include;C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Visual Studio\\VC98\\mfc\\include;C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Visual Studio\\VC98\\include"
-This is unecessary if building against Python 2.2.X.
+This is unecessary if building against Python 2.2.X.  [Tim didn't find
+this necessary building against Python 2.3.3 either.]
 From the parent directory of the package, type WinBuilders/buildout <type>
 where type is one of "python", "zope", or "zeo".
@@ -39,3 +44,27 @@
 For 'zeo', the buildout populates the "build" directory with a Windows
 executable installer (read the Makefile.zeo for special instructions).
+Win98SE notes
+- You have to run vcvars32.bat to set up envars for MSVC 6.  Running that
+  from a bash shell doesn't have any effect on the Cygwin PATH.
+  This works:
++ Open a native DOS box.
++ Run vcvars32.bat.
++ Start a bash shell from the same box (== run cygwin.bat, found in the
+  root of your Cygwin installation -- the same thing the Cygwin shell
+  desktop shortcut resolves to, so you can get the exact path by looking
+  at the icon's Properties).
+- Every time a makefile runs xcopy, there's a segfault in kernel32.dll,
+  which hangs the bash shell with an endless succession of error boxes.
+  The only way I found to break out of this was to bring up the debugger,
+  close it, then type Ctrl+C at the hung bash shell.  The bash shell
+  appears to be fine at that point, but you can never close it (short of
+  kill it via the task manager).
+  This needs a better <wink> workaround (Python program or shell script
+  replacement).
+  Same thing if xcopy32 is used instead.
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