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Fri Jan 30 22:02:29 EST 2004

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Noted an effective workaround for xcopy segfaults.

=== Packages/WinBuilders/README.txt 1.4 => 1.5 ===
--- Packages/WinBuilders/README.txt:1.4	Thu Jan 29 18:55:48 2004
+++ Packages/WinBuilders/README.txt	Fri Jan 30 22:02:27 2004
@@ -64,7 +64,14 @@
   The only way I found to break out of this was to bring up the debugger,
   close it, then type Ctrl+C at the hung bash shell.  The bash shell
   appears to be fine at that point, but you can never close it (short of
-  kill it via the task manager).
-  This needs a better <wink> workaround (Python program or shell script
-  replacement).
-  Same thing if xcopy32 is used instead.
\ No newline at end of file
+  killing it via the task manager).
+  Same thing if xcopy32 is used instead.
+  xcopy works OK directly from a bash shell.  The segfaults occur if it's
+  run via a makefile, or via a shell script.  Guessing a problem with I/O
+  redirection, since some other apps can't see keyboard input before the
+  hung stuff is killed.
+  Workaround:  xxcopy works fine <http://www.xxcopy.com/>; free for
+  personal use, but not for commercial use.  Rename it to xcopy.exe and
+  get it into your path before the native xcopy, or fiddle the XCOPY
+  defn in common.mk to use xxcopy instead of xcopy.
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