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Fred L. Drake, Jr. fred at zope.com
Mon Jun 14 16:51:57 EDT 2004

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- remove an item that's been dealt with in the packaging tool
- add an item that's part of looking forward to a further step in
  package management

=== Packages/zpkgtools/doc/TODO.txt 1.48 => 1.49 ===
--- Packages/zpkgtools/doc/TODO.txt:1.48	Mon Jun 14 13:56:48 2004
+++ Packages/zpkgtools/doc/TODO.txt	Mon Jun 14 16:51:56 2004
@@ -16,10 +16,6 @@
     manually.  This doesn't feel like it "plays nice" in the distutils
     world, though.
-  - If a version number is used which appears to indicate "alpha" or
-    "beta" status, check the Trove "Development Status" classifier to
-    see that it matches, and issue a warning if not.
   - Re-visit the abstractions for parsed revision control URLs:
     - The current abstraction is pretty painful to work with, and
@@ -82,6 +78,9 @@
   - Consider looking for the configuration file in the current
     directory before looking in ~/.zpkg/.
+- Look at the package manager used by the MacPython people to see what
+  can be/has been done.
 - Deal with a package tree like the zope package tree that includes
   both pure-Python and non-pure packages; these could easily land in

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