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=== Added File Packages/Zope2+3/README.txt ===
Combined Zope 2 and Zope 3 source directory

This directory can be used to create a checkout of Zope2 and Zope3
code in a single, unified environment.  It is useful for doing
development of code that is shared between the two projects.  You can
run all of the tests with a single call to test.py.

Run buildout.py to checkout all the modules from CVS.

There are two setup scripts, setup2.py and setup3.py.  You need to run
each of them with "build_ext -i" as the argument.  It only supports an
in-place build right now; the other option seemed too hard on the
first attempt.

Then run test.py the normal way.

There is a Makefile with two targets -- all (default) and test.  The
all target calls the two setup scripts.  The test target just calls
test.py -v.

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