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document the special URL schemes used by zpkg

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Resource Locations

. This is a reStructuredText document.


The **zpkg** tool uses URLs to identify external resources.  In most
cases, any URL type supported by Python's "urllib2" module is
supported if the identified resource is a simple file.  (Directories
are *not* handled well via HTTP or FTP in the current implementation,
but that's considered a quality-of-implementation issue that can be
dealt with if needed.)

Two additional URL scheme have been defined specifically for use with
this tool.  The ``cvs:`` scheme identifies a resource stored in a CVS
repository (either local or remote), and the ``repository:`` scheme
provides a way to spell a location relative to another in a CVS
repository.  (It makes sense to 'join' a ``cvs:`` and a
``repository:`` URL to generate a new ``cvs:`` URL.)

Absolute Locations and the ``cvs:`` Scheme

The ``cvs:`` scheme can be used to identify any absolute path on any
branch or tag within a CVS repository.  It contains the following
components, separated by colons:

- scheme identifier (always ``cvs``)
- host part
- host-relative cvs root
- path
- tag

The host part can include optional username, password, and connection
type parts::

  [ username [ ":" password ] "@" ] hostname [ ":" connection-type ]

This is very similar to the format used for FTP or HTTP with Basic
authentication, where connection-type replaces the port number.

XXX We should actually still support a port number, at least for
``pserver`` connections.  The default port for ``pserver`` is 2041.

The path may be omitted (left empty) to refer to the entire
repository, including the top-level `CVSROOT/` directory.

The tag part, including the colon used to separate it from the rest,
can be omitted.  The tag can specify a symbolic tag, a branch tag, or
a revision number.

Some examples::




Relative Locations and the ``repository:`` Scheme

The ``repository:`` scheme is used to identify a resource relative to
some other URL used with a revision control system.  It contains the
following parts, separated by colons:

- scheme identifier (always ``repository``)
- path
- tag

The path can be relative or absolute, or omitted.  If the path is
omitted, the join operation with a ``cvs:`` URL does not modify the
path of the resource that's identified.

The tag part, including the colon used to separate it from the rest,
can be omitted.  The tag can specify a symbolic tag, a branch tag, or
a revision number.

Some examples::





Joining ``cvs:`` and ``repository:`` URLs

Joining a ``cvs:`` and ``repository:`` URL results in a new ``cvs:``
URL.  The only portions of the URL which may differ from the original
``cvs:`` URL are the path and tag components; the ``repository:`` URL
cannot affect the repository which is referenced.

If the ``repository:`` URL specifies an absolute path, that path is
used instead of the path from the original ``cvs:`` URL; otherwise the
two paths are joined in the same manner as path components for HTTP
URLs are joined.

If the ``repository:`` URL specifies a tag, that is used, otherwise
the tag from the original ``cvs:`` URL is used.

Some examples:

========================= ========================== ========================================
Base URL                  Relative URL               Result
========================= ========================== ========================================
cvs:///cvsroot:module:TAG repository:README.txt      cvs:///cvsroot:module/README.txt:TAG
cvs:///cvsroot:module     repository:/pkg/README.txt cvs:///cvsroot:pkg/README.txt
cvs:///cvsroot:module     repository::tag            cvs:///cvsroot:module:tag
cvs:///cvsroot:module:FOO repository:README.txt:BAR  cvs:///cvsroot:module/README.txt:BAR
========================= ========================== ========================================

Supporting Other Revision Control Systems

Currently, only CVS locations are supported.  It should not be too
difficult to add support for Subversion's "svn:" URLs if a reasonable
way to map the notion of a tag onto the paths in a Subversion
repository; this could rely on heuristics, configuration, or possibly
additional metadata stored in the Subversion repository.

Support for additional systems would basically hinge on creating new
URL schemes for each system, and an appropriate join operation if
``repository:`` URLs need to be usable with them.

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