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basic description of the metadata files that are used

=== Added File Packages/zpkgtools/doc/metadata.txt ===
Metadata Descriptions for Distributions

Packages will be described using a collection of files that contain
different aspects of the package metadata.

  A list of dependencies for this package.  This is currently simply a
  list of imported packages that aren't provided with the package
  (listed one per line), but additional features may be identified by
  adding lines that use a prefix to denote the type of the dependency.
  For example::

    feature:XML parser

  Lines starting with ``#`` as the first non-white character are
  ignored.  All other lines are considered a single dependency;
  leading and trailing whitespace will be ignored.  Dependencies are

  List of inclusions (and exclusions) that are added/removed from the
  package as it's constructed for distribution.  This is currently
  only used for collection distributions.

  General metadata related to a distribution package.  This includes
  information such as the name of the package (i.e., "Frobnitz
  Manager"), author and maintainer information, and Trove
  classification.  Version information should not be included; it will
  be ignored if present (perhaps should be an error?).  This is the
  information distutils normally pushes into the generated PKG-INFO
  file; this file has the same format as PKG-INFO.

  This file contains information on building extension modules and, if
  needed, detailed information about the files to be included in the
  package for distribution.  Information about scripts and
  documentation files will also be included in this file.  The format
  of this file is not yet documented.

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