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 Metadata Descriptions for Distributions
 Packages will be described using a collection of files that contain
 different aspects of the package metadata.
@@ -34,8 +37,105 @@
   file; this file has the same format as PKG-INFO.
-  This file contains information on building extension modules and, if
-  needed, detailed information about the files to be included in the
-  package for distribution.  Information about scripts and
-  documentation files will also be included in this file.  The format
-  of this file is not yet documented.
+  This file contains information on building extension modules.
+  Information about scripts and documentation files will also be
+  included in this file.
+Embedded Package Definitions
+Packages can include a `package.conf` that contains information about
+special files in the package (such as documentation and scripts), and
+what extensions need to be built.  This file is a ZConfig-like
+configuration file that can contain the following settings, repeated
+as necessary:
+  The name of a file or directory containing documentation. This is
+  used to support RPM generation.
+  Only files may be identified using this.  These files are included
+  in the distribution and will be installed as executable scripts for
+  the end user.
+For paths, POSIX path separators must be used, and Unix-style glob
+expansion is performed.  Path names may not include leading or
+trailing whitespace.  Directories named `CVS`, `RCS`, `SCCS`, or
+`.svn` are ignored, as are files named `.cvsignore`.
+Paths can only refer to descendents of the directory containing
+`package.conf`, never to that directory itself or anything higher up
+the filesystem hierarchy.
+Support for Compiled Extensions
+Compiled extensions are described using **<extension>** sections in
+the `package.conf` file.  The name of the section should be the name
+of the extension module within the package.  For example, the
+extension ``persistent.cPersistence`` would be represented using a
+section of the form::
+  <extension cPersistence>
+    ...
+  </extension>
+The **<extension>** section can contain the settings described below.
+All of these can be repeated with the exception of the **language**
+  Define additional symbols for the C preprocessor.  Values must be of
+  the form ``NAME`` or ``NAME=value``.  For example::
+    define NAME
+  is equivalent to including the following line at the top of the C
+  source::
+    #define NAME
+  and this::
+    define NAME=value
+  is equivalent to this line in C::
+    #define NAME value
+  The ``NAME`` portion must be a valid C identifier.
+  Additional files that the compiled extension depends on.  This is
+  used by distutils to determine whether the extension needs to be
+  recompiled.  Since the source files are identified by the **source**
+  setting, this is normally only needed for header files.
+  XXX This is the one place I've seen a need to point outside the
+  current package.  In ZODB, the BTrees extension modules need to pick
+  up `../persistent/cPersistence.h`.
+  The source language of the extension; this may be needed to control
+  compiler selection if unusual extensions are used for the source
+  files.  This is not normally needed.
+  Source files for the extension.  Each file is compiled into object
+  code, and the individual objects are linked to create the
+  extension module.
+  Specify one or more macros that should not be initially defined by
+  preprocessor.  For example, this line::
+    undefine NAME ANOTHER
+  is equivalent to the source lines::
+    #undef NAME
+    #undef ANOTHER
+  at the top of the compilation unit.

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