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Fred L. Drake, Jr. fred at zope.com
Sat May 15 01:42:08 EDT 2004

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=== Releases/ZopeX3/TODO.txt 1.2 => 1.3 ===
--- Releases/ZopeX3/TODO.txt:1.2	Wed May  5 17:48:35 2004
+++ Releases/ZopeX3/TODO.txt	Sat May 15 01:42:05 2004
@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@
 - Refactor existing ZCML so that <include ...> elements that point
   from the Zope X3 lite core to other packages are replaced by ZCML
   files that get dropped into the package-includes/ directory.
+  (Well under way.)
 - Wrap up as many of the to-do items from the ``zpkgtools`` package as
@@ -22,4 +23,6 @@
 Once we have the "ZopeX3 lite" package installable and runnable, we'll
-start adding components until we have the ZopeX3 alpha.
+start adding components until we have the ZopeX3 alpha.  It appears
+that this will be relatively trivial once the core has been trimmed

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