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very, very, very quick start to zpkg: build the ZopeX3 distribution

=== Added File Packages/zpkgtools/doc/quickstart.txt ===
Packaging Tool Quick Start

This is a very brief "getting started" guide to using the Zope 3
package tool, |zpkg|_.  We'll start with simple instructions for
building the ZopeX3 distribution.  These instructions only apply to
Unix systems.

Do the following things to build a ZopeX3 distribution:

1.  Retrieve the ``zpkgtools`` code from CVS::

      cvs -d :pserver:anonymous at cvs.zope.org:/cvs-repository \
          checkout -d zpkgtools Packages/zpkgtools

    It can be convenient to either add *zpkgtools/bin/* to your PATH
    or add a symlink to *zpkgtools/bin/zpkg* to a directory already on
    your PATH; either allows you to simply type ``zpkg`` at the
    command line to run the packager.

2.  You'll need at least a minimal |zpkg|_ configuration to identify
    the necessary resource maps.  These can be identified from the
    command line, but that's generally hard to work with.  Create a
    directory *.zpkg* in your home directory, and add this text in the
    configuration file *zpkg.conf*::

      resource-map svn://svn.zope.org/repos/main/ReleaseSupport/trunk/PackageMaps/zope3.map
      resource-map cvs://cvs.zope.org/cvs-repository:Releases/packages.map:HEAD

    The map from svn.zope.org is used to locate the Zope 3
    implementation components.  The map from cvs.zope.org is used to
    locate the actual release information and support code added to
    the generated distribution package.

    Read more about resource maps in |zpkg|_, and about how resource
    locations are specified in `Resource Locations

3.  Make sure you have lots of disk space in */tmp/* and enough to
    hold the finished tarball in the current directory.

4.  Run |zpkg|_ using this command:"

      zpkg -av1.0.0a1 ZopeX3

    After listening to a good CD, or perhaps having some Thai food,
    you should find a very large tarball named *ZopeX3-1.0.0a1.tgz* in
    the current directory.

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