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Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Sun May 16 09:00:12 EDT 2004

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Notes of release issues

=== Added File Releases/ZopeX3/notes ===
These are notes on problems found while trying to make this release.

Mainly, these are issus thatsee but don't want to deal with now,
because we are anxious to get the release out.

- zope.app.securitypolicy depends on a number of other packages
  because it contains grants for permissions that they use

- zope.app.pagetemplate depends on zope.app.index, for an interface

- it's annoyint, ugly to have to have to create PACKAGE,cfg and
  SETUP.cfg just to handle package-included.

  o It's especially bad to have svn urls in PACKAGE.cfg

  o and to have to name skel/etc in SETUP.cfg

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