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=== Added File Products/QueueCatalog/CHANGES.txt ===
QueueCatalog Product Changelog

  QueueCatalog 1.3 (2004/11/22)

    - Released by ctheune at:

    - CVS tag 'QueueCatalog-1_3'

    - QueueCatalog.py: Made the immediate processing of DELETE-Requests
      more efficient.  Christian Theune <ct at gocept.com>

    - QueueCatalog.py: Proxied ZCatalog.Indexes attribute.

    - QueueCatalog.py: Corrected a permission declaration typo for

    - QueueCatalog.py: Modified 'manage_queue' to display a list of queued
      items (limit 100 items).

  QueueCatalog 1.2 (2003/11/06)

    - CVS-only release, tag 'QueueCatalog-1_2'

    - Add uidForObject hook which allows the underlying catalog to specify
      uids for new objects being indexed. If this hook is not implemented,
      uids are abs paths as before.

  QueueCatalog 1.1 (2003/08/06)

    - CVS-only release, tag 'QueueCatalog-1_1'
    - Fix brown-paper bag error which prevented queue processing from
      *ever* working.

  QueueCatalog 1.0 (2003/06/25)

    - CVS-only release, tag 'QueueCatalog-1_0'

	- QueueCatalog.py (QueueCatalog.refreshCatalog): Added
	  refreshCatalog method that queues the reindexing. Plone uses this
	  method on portal creation.  Sidnei da Silva  <sidnei at x3ng.com>

=== Removed File Products/QueueCatalog/ChangeLog ===

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