[Zope-DB] win32 ZMySQLDA-2.08 MySQL-python-0.9.0 MySQL-3.23.42 howto

Phil Harris phil.harris@zope.co.uk
Wed, 3 Oct 2001 10:49:49 +0100


What is it you need to know?

I've got this combination running on just about all Win32 Platforms, so how
can I help.

One of the problems you will have is the creation of the dll's that are
needed, but I've got them and I think hey are available on the web
(sourceforge.net I think).


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> I have been FORCED by my boss to run Zope and MySQL on a windoze 98
> box, arghhh!
> I checked the archives, no current how to's.
> Are there Zope distributions with MySQL support build in ?
> Or could one of you gurus post a nice howto, so I can return to Linux.
> :)
> Thanks a heap,
> Chris
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