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Fri, 5 Oct 2001 10:42:16 -0400

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NULL column handling fixes for problems reported by Christopher Jenkins.
dco2 will keep datatypes on Nulls for rebinds, instead of snaping to SQLT_STR.
DCOracle2 scans columns on executemany() to determine to reprepare the statement
and get the a non-None value for making a type determination.

=== Products/DCOracle2/CHANGELOG 1.35 => 1.36 ===
 	     o  Changed ZOracleDA to promote OracleDate objects to DateTime
 	        objects in Zope (based on string representation).
+	     o  Fixed some NULL handling bugs reported by Chistopher Jenkins
+	        which showed up with date ops -- a subsequent BIND (rexecuting
+		a previously prepared statement) with a None/NULL would have
+		been bound to a string type (dty 5) now will preserve prior dty.
+		Also, DCOracle2 executemany() scans for NULL columns and forces
+		reprepares when a column contains all NULLs to flush out cached
+		bind types (and sets the statement for a reprepare NEXT time
+		through as well since the NULLs will snap to dty 5 on prepare,
+		which is wrong when the real type comes around).  Also skips
+		None for type determination.
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