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Wed, 10 Oct 2001 14:11:49 -0400

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Updated Changelog.
Added skip= parameters to cursor fetchone, fetchmany, and fetchall to
enable discarding of answers before converting them into python objects
(not a DB 2.0 API compliant change -- shoot me).

=== Products/DCOracle2/CHANGELOG 1.36 => 1.37 ===
 	        binaries for different platforms in the "binaries" directory.
-Release 1	October 5, 2001
+Release 1	October 10, 2001
 	     o  Added name-awareness to ZOracleDA so it will work as either
 	     	ZOracleDA or DCO2 for co-existence with DCOracle
 	     o  Set prefetch for all statements, default 200 rows & 1MB storage
@@ -174,6 +174,15 @@
 		through as well since the NULLs will snap to dty 5 on prepare,
 		which is wrong when the real type comes around).  Also skips
 		None for type determination.
+	     o  Fixed a bug in DCOracleStorage reported by Rob Foster due
+	        to a conversion artifact from the DCOracle to DCOracle2
+		conversion.  UndoLog was not being called properly, and
+		was raising a __getitem__ attribute error.
+	     o  Added skip= parameters to cursor fetchone, fetchmany, and
+	     	fetchall.  The skip parameter determines how many rows to
+		be discarded before returning results.  This is significantly
+		faster than converting unwanted records into python object for
+		later discarding.
 Desired Features Not Yet Implemented: